Friday, October 23, 2009

Why Cheese Is Swagger. (:

1.It has holes.

2.It's eaten my rodentss.Ratss aree uber swagger,&your just jealous you aren't onee.

3.It's made by milk which is squeezed out of cow's utter/4 penises.(I don't know why they call it the utter when they can just call it penises..)

4.It eaten by the swagger.pimps.of.toronto.

5.It's sexy.

Soo,now you know why you should choose cheese. (: Get ready to learn about jizz. (:



  1. cheezee <33 x]
    ([how the fuck do i make an account without google asking me for my cell fone?])

    -chelsyy ubaldooo♥

  2. hahahaha chelsy =P

  3. ^ well,chelsy ubaldoo.i dont know. (;