Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our school,the good..the bad,&the ugly. (:

The jail were spending our last year in. :)
The good-We're close to food.I knoow you're jealous. ;)
We have swagger kids in our school.Exluding..never mind. :)
We are taught in a 62469 year old school.
We give away pumpkinss & sexy pumpkinss at that.
It's the oldest school in Etobicokee.jealouss?aha.
We have a haunted basement where Jesus stares at uss. :/
The bad-The bathrooms.Dont get me started. -__-"
We can't afford anything..from apples-zylophoness.
This year of Grade 8's will be the last set of people before the school crashes & burns.
We're close to John English.Yaa know,the ones with whores,sluts & fatasses?
The random elephant on our flag polee.But it'ss still pimp. (:
The ugly-Pads left in toilets in the girls washroom.
Disney fuckers' songs are played at our school dances.
No grass. :(
St Leoo,the good..the bad..& the ugly. (:
-Alyssssssssa,Maaaaaaaaartin,&Kaaaaaaaaylaa. ♥